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Telling someone the truth

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In my work, people ask me to help them strengthen trust in their relationships.

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I work with individual leaders; other times with teams or entire organizations. Among the most challenging of these issues? I once worked with a senior leadership team that was initiating a major reorg tepling the company.

At times, they struggled to share these truths…both with one another telling someone the truth with the people they led. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever experienced people holding back from broaching sensitive topics with you?

Have you observed people sharing a comfortable variation of the truth…or a partial version of it? To support you to navigate even the most challenging truth-telling conversation, here are 7 straightforward telling someone the truth. Ask yourself: And, how do you want to show up during the conversation?

How do you want the conversation to go? There are two sides to every story. Remember, the truth you tell is your truth — the truth based on your perception.

3 Ways to Tell the Truth when It Hurts - wikiHow

When people experience this space, they are less defensive. Offer up that what you have to say may be difficult for the other person to hear.

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Recognize tye words you share will have an impact, and that you take responsibility for that impact. Test any assumptions you may have and ask the other person questions.

Yet, telling the truth – even a truth that seems critical of someone's work or idea – can actually build trust and strengthen the relationship if you step into the. Telling the truth can be very challenging. Sometimes you feel inclined to tell a little white lie to spare someone's feelings. Although the truth can. Then we wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to determine whether people are telling the truth. Luckily, though, there are scientific ways.

How do you see them? Context is, truly, king. Seek to understand the bigger picture and unearth extenuating circumstances.

Telling someone the truth

Have I missed something? Are we both coming out of the truth telling conversation healthy and whole? Are we aligned on next steps?

Telling the truth can be difficult. A deep-seated struggle to tell difficult truths.

To support you to navigate even the most challenging truth-telling conversation, here are 7 straightforward steps: Set your intentions. Acknowledge possible sensitivity.

Telling someone the truth

State your perception of the facts. Open the door to feedback.

Understand the bigger picture. Engage in honorable closure. Closing a truth telling conversation appropriately is as vital as opening it appropriately.

Take turns sharing: Yours in trust, Dennis Reina. Posted in LeadershipOrganizational CultureRelationshipsTeamworkTransformation and tagged candorhigh trusthigh trust leadership beautiful sensual, honesty telling someone the truth, leadershiprelationshipstelling difficult truthstransparencytrust buildingtruth-telling.